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itsy_britty is looking for a partner in Mandurah
itsy_britty, 22

I’m cute and friendly. :) And the best part, I’m single!! Haha. Seriously tho, let’s talk. :)

Tessa_x_ is looking for a partner in Mandurah
Tessa_x_, 27

Working lady looking for a serious partner. Don’t be fooled by looks; I’m actually a sweetheart. 😋

jeneustonn is looking for a partner in Mandurah
jeneustonn, 23

Welcome to online dating!! Get ready to have so much you’ll keep coming back for more!

thePiper is looking for a partner in Mandurah
thePiper, 30

Yes, I’m a mature lady. And yes, I’m still looking for romantic guys. ;P Free to talk.

TonCurri66 is looking for a partner in Mandurah
TonCurri66, 38

I’ll say yes to any beautiful lady who slides in my DMs. Just say hi!

SamHeugh is looking for a partner in Mandurah
SamHeugh, 36

I’m gay and loving the single life!! I’m open to meeting friendly strangers tho. :)

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