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Puppylove188 from Kitchener

I'm here to make new friends and meet new people, and I don't think that's bullshit. Do you?

Rickkathy122 from Kitchener

When does life become beautiful enough to keep you focused? I think it’s when you have friendly people by your side.

Jessica224466 from Kitchener

If you fancy soundwaves have a good taste for music, life, and all things fluffy, introduce yourself.

Stephanie001 from Kitchener

They call me Steff here, and I'm Single, which is not cool for me. Find me in my chatterbox, and let's chat.

PhilslSA69 from Kitchener

Like to meet someone with an open mind ready to explore the kinky side of life. Feel free to message me if that’s you.

Hotbiboy33 from Kitchener

I'm happy to chat with strangers and make new friends. I enjoy traveling around the countryside and horse riding.

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