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You dream about finding a group of people you can talk with, people who’ll become your friends? People who’ll show you love? Amazing! is a little place on the web with a big friendly community. Talk to people in your area. They won’t be strangers after a message or two.

COClaire  from Lexington

Hola - welcome to flirt! I’m new here too - single, female in Aurora - you here all year round? - @COClaire

nattynu from Lexington

Hey handsome - you’re new too? I’m female and from Aurora - any idea how to meet new people here? -@nattynu

annabelle from Lexington

New on flirt? Looking for men/women/friendship/love? I’m @annabelle (a girl) looking for love and friendship - welcome!

kirstyH  from Lexington

Hi! Welcome to flirt! Here to flirt? Or just connect? If you’re looking for a local Aurora girl HMU - @kirstyH

supermario  from Lexington

Hey girl! What brings a beautiful woman like you here? I’m Mario - local CO guy - new here too - how are you? @supermario

sandy from Lexington

What’s up girl? Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself - I’m @sandy a single guy looking for love - @sandyA

Lexington Local Dating Chat - Happiness Awaits in Chat Room helps people get friends and find love. With so many users it’s very hard not to meet somebody who makes you laugh and resurrects butterflies in your belly. Chat with local girls or guys. The gay and lesbian community loves this site too, everybody is welcome.