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Hot_In_88 from Detroit

Hiya! Is that your dog in your photo?? He’s so cute!! How old is he?

NotAHipster from Detroit

Do you play soccer? I play in a league! Want to play with me sometime? 😊

MarthaYourDear from Detroit

Hi! Ready for a skill-testing question: What are your 3 favorite Beatles songs? Go!

SimplySelena from Detroit

Hi there! R u ready for a riddle? What do you call an onion-y rogue??....A “rapscallion”!

Boomhauer_Fan from Detroit

hi there, how are you? Has anybody told you you look like Matthew McConaughey?? lol

Public_Frenemy from Detroit

Hey there, how are you? I was reading over your profile, and you seem interesting.

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