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Katey from Las Vegas

 Is it forward if I tell you you’re cute before, hello? I’m Katey, a girl new to Bakersfield, what brings you to flirt?

AnitaAndres  from Las Vegas

It’s hard to know how to open with a guy who ticks every box - especially as a woman online - so how are you? - @AnitaAndres

barbiebutbetter  from Las Vegas

You just flirting or here for something serious? I’m Barbara, are you local? Wanna chat? - @barbiebutbetter

flick97594   from Las Vegas

Hey Hun! I’m Felicity. What brings you here? Just wanted to say - love your profile and welcome - @flick97594

davebakersfield22  from Las Vegas

Here to connect or just to click? I’m Dave - looking for love and friendship in Bakersfield - saying Hi! - @davebakersfield22

animan  from Las Vegas

So you’re from Bakersfield too? I’m a local guy, just here to make new connections - what brings you here? - @animan

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