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Many people are not comfortable striking up conversations with strangers in public, so why not talk to people in your area on the web? Chatting and texting with singles who are on a local chatting website is fun and easy. Sign up, post a profile, and see messages like:

francesca  from Portland

Heya hate to be that forward woman, but you look super handsome welcome to you’ll fit right in

roxanne  from Portland

New here at I’m a new woman here too care to show me around? If you’re not ready, I can?

amyamazing  from Portland

Hey man nice to see a good looking guy for us girls here… You new or a regular?

rootytooty  from Portland

I’m a new single woman here you’re new too?wanna show me around or is it better the other way round?

bradbradson  from Portland

Hey girl what brings you to flirt? You look way too beautiful for online dating unlike a guy like me

skeptical  from Portland

Hello beautiful why are you on Flirt? You seem way too beautiful for a guy like me

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Whether you’re interested in girls, guys, gay men, lesbian, or some combination of them all, has local users you want to meet in Portland. Our platform is the best website or application for connecting you to great singles with our chatterbox function.