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SaraPinsent from Corpus Christi

Hey, how are you? I just moved to Nashville, and I’m looking to meet people. Want to show me around?

ThePortlandCat from Corpus Christi

hey! i know its short notice, but i got 2 tickets to the grand ole opry tomorrow. Wanna go?

Avalon_Sunset from Corpus Christi

hey how r u? 😊 I read your profile. You seem cool. Wanna talk?

LeahPolley from Corpus Christi

Well dressed ✅ Good job ✅ wrote a complete profile ✅ You pass lol! How are you?

CountryMusicChick from Corpus Christi

Hey how’s it going? Did u know that Venus is the only planet in our solar system that spins backward?

Joey_Boy_89 from Corpus Christi

Hey there, how do you do? I love your style, and you have a great smile. Wanna chat?

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